Bill Gates Thoughts on Cyrptocurrency

A World Does Not Need Cryptocurrency

Bill Gates is now confirm(it could change) no longer a bitcoin supporter. He took a upfront stance on cryptocurrency as an investment. Although he has said that bitcoin is one that the world can live without because it will lead to criminal activity. 

On February 18, 2021 Bill gates was interviewed and he quoted “I do think moving money into a more digital form and getting transaction costs down, that’s something the Gates Foundation does in developing countries. But there, we do it so you can reverse the transactions so we have total visibility of who’s doing what. It’s not about tax avoidance or illegal activities.”

The comments from Gates implies that the billionaire technologists is no bitcoin BTCUSD, 2.50% BTC.1, 2.55% enthusiast but his remarks may simply suggest that he feels that cryptocurrencies are prone to abuse by swindlers and in money-laundering schemes—a common criticism of the decentralized digital asset that was created in 2009.

-Gates, who boasts a net worth of $123 billion, according to Forbes, making him the second wealthiest man in the world behind’s AMZNJeff Bezos, has been getting more attention from his comments on the COVID-19 pandemic, which has ravaged the domestic economy and brought most of the world’s business and personal activity to a screeching halt.

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